Reflections on the current state of fuel prices in logging and transport

  Goodbye, Bobby After watching Bobby Goodson of Swamp Logger’s YouTube video announcing he is shutting down his operation on account of fuel and other cost pressures, I wanted to share some thoughts and reflections on the current state of…

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Let’s get some things straight about logging and the environment

There is so much misunderstanding about logging in the US and at the top of the list is its sustainability and environmental impact. As for most of the world’s misunderstandings, it either comes from a lack of education and exposure…

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Offering healthcare to our employees isn’t a choice, it’s a principle

When my partners and I bought Bellwether, its employees did not have health care coverage. This wasn’t unusual in the industry then and its not unusual now. It is a fact of life that in a cut-throat, cost driven market…

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Make yourself replaceable

Why we promote from within

Logging has a long history of small family businesses in the Southeast. It is a celebrated history, and rightfully so. But the tough thing about most family businesses is that if you don’t share the owner’s last name, you’re probably…

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Rural jobs matter. Rural growth does too.

There is no shortage of articles on the urban-rural divide in America today. Rural areas have lower wages and wage growth than urban areas. Rural areas also have higher poverty rates on average. On the flip side, most would be…

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