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Without a dash camera, what would people have thought happened?

On a sunny summer day in 2019 we had two Bellwether log trucks driving down Highway 601 McCords Ferry Road in opposite directions. One was loaded, headed to deliver its load to the mill. The other was unloaded returning to the woods.

As the trucks were approaching one another a white passenger car suddenly passed the loaded truck in the lane of the oncoming unloaded truck. While trying to get back into the correct lane at high speed, the driver lost control and crashed into the empty trailer of the second log truck before barrel rolling the car. Amazingly, the driver walked away. It makes for quite the video. The most telling video is from the loaded driver who was passed which you can watch here.

We take seriously our responsibility to hire safe drivers at Bellwether. But we also know the reputation that the industry has in some circles, and the target we carry on our back. Having dash cameras help us to undeniably know what happened in any incident on the road involving our trucks. We have one in every truck.

In this case I can only imagine what the initial reaction would have been had there not been video of this accident, where two of our trucks were this close and the result was this severe. No matter what the footage shows, we always want it. It makes us safer. It makes you safer.

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