Matt Moldenhauer

Without a dash camera, what would people have thought happened?

On a sunny summer day in 2019 we had two Bellwether log trucks driving down Highway 601 McCords Ferry Road in opposite directions. One was loaded, headed to deliver its load to the mill. The other was unloaded returning to…

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Plant a seed for your future with a 401(k)

About $2 million reasons to get a job with a 401(k)

$1,875,705 That is how much money you would have in your Bellwether 401(K) if you contribute $1,500 per year (3% of a $50,000 salary which is BW median), work here for 10 years, and let your money sit in the…

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Rural jobs matter. Rural growth does too.

There is no shortage of articles on the urban-rural divide in America today. Rural areas have lower wages and wage growth than urban areas. Rural areas also have higher poverty rates on average. On the flip side, most would be…

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